Attack on Titan
Maneuver Gear
Sword Handles

Made of solid resin. Sold in a pair, these sword handles  have a short recess which can accommodate sword blades up to 1/4 thick. No assembly required. Contact us if you'd like to commission a set of blades.

$ 65
Maneuver Gear Backpack
(finished kit shown)

Comes as a 12 piece resin kit. Includes instructions for assembly. No strapping/harness elements included.

$ 75
Maneuver Gear
Cable Launchers

Made of solid resin. Sold in a pair. These are worn on the sides of the wearer's waist. No assembly needed.

$ 15
    Working on an Attack on Titan cosplay and need quality Maneuver Gear? You've come to the right place!  We sell resin cast kits for the pack, sword handles and cable launchers. All are sold in unfinished "kit" form. You must paint and/or assemble them yourself. None of them include strapping, harnesses, tubing, etc as they really need made to fit the wearer. Interested in sword blades or finishing work? Feel free to contact us.

NOTE: We are discontinuing these. We have two sets made. We will also be selling our original molds for the parts.