Rifle Weapons
Digital Devil Saga

Rifle featured in the video game, Digital Devil Saga. Its made almost entirely of wood and features a spring loaded trigger.
Wild Arms: Ashley Winchester's Rifle

This monster rifle is 6 feet long. Wood with plastic details, PVC barrel, and steel trigger guard.
Hellsing: Hallconnen Anti Midian Cannon

This weapon is from the anime, Hellsing. This beast of a weapon measures over 7 feet long. (hence the need to connect two photos together!)  It can unbolt so as to be taken apart in two pieces. It features a folding bipod, pivoting forward handle, flip up site, and details such as the engraved lettering on the muzzle front.
Flip up site
Pivoting forward handle
Folding bipod
Muzzle detail
Darker Than Black: PTRD Anti Tank Rifle

This rifle prop measures around 6 feet long and is made very close to the actual weapon its based off of. Features include folding bi-pod, real padded cushions, spring loaded trigger, and an opening chamber for the rifle round. Comes apart into two pieces for shipping and transport.
You can see how the chamber can be opened
Gurren Lagann: Yoko's Sniper Rifle

This is the ultimate Yoko's sniper rifle you can find. It measures approximately 5 feet in length and has a ton of features you can have added to it so as to customize it to have only the features you want. Visit our Gurren Lagann page to learn more and pricing options.
Muzzle detail
Padded stock and head rest
Front handle