Star Wars
Sith Holocron

Measures approximately 4.5" per edge. Choose between basic or two different light up versions.

$95 (basic)

$125 (light up)
click here for demo
Holoprojector kit

Made of resin and measuring approximately 3.5" across, this holoprojector prop is available as either an unfinished 4 piece kit or complete and painted.


holoprojector prop image
Aqua Breather kit

Compact underwater breathing device. Made of resin and plastic. Silly but necessary disclaimer: This device will not allow you to breath under or even above water!


Scout Blaster Kit

This two piece resin kit comes unpainted and unassembled. This is the accurate sized Scout blaster prop with two fingered grip, (not a Kenner recast!) Includes two Allen head screws and already tapped for them.

Comlink kit

Made of resin, the comlink prop is available as a finished or unassembled kit. Finished kit can be in black (as shown) or all silver.


X-wing  / TIE pilot chest box rocker switches

3 Resin cast rocker switches located on the chest panel of X-wing and TIE pilot suits. Choose between 2 styles. Unpainted.

Hoth Trooper Glove Comlink

Resin cast.  These were often found attached to the trooper's glove. Unpainted.

Mouse Droid vacuum formed shell

Made of vacuum formed black styrene or ABS. You get an upper and lower body shell. You do not get wheels, a frame, or any other parts. The image is showing a complete build.

$60    contact us for availability
Desert Necklace

Made of resin. Comes fully painted.

X-wing pilot chest box

Resin cast chest box for X-wing pilots. Unpainted. Cast hollow in back.

Mando Westar Blaster kit

Basic blaster used by bounty hunters all over the galaxy.

Pilot arm commpad

Resin cast chest commpad for  pilots. Unpainted. Cast with a curve

comlink prop image
Scanning Crew / Technician arm commpad

Resin cast chest commpad for technicians/crewman. Unpainted. Cast with a curve

Clone commpad

Resin cast arm commpad for clones. Unpainted.

Clone Commander commpad

Resin cast arm commpad for clones. Additional rod on side. Unpainted.

X-wing pilot chest box greeblies

Resin cast greeblies located on the chest box of X-wing pilot suits. Unpainted.

X-wing / TIE pilot chest box button sets

Precision cut acrylic buttons for X-wing and TIE pilot chest boxes. Choose between 6 different styles.

TIE  Style A
TIE Style B
TIE style C
Xwing ESB
Xwing ANH
TIE style D
Helmet Decals for TIE pilots

Vinyl cut decal sets for TIE pilot helmet. Choose between white or silver.

Smuggler Blaster Kit

This kit comes unpainted and unassembled. Instructions for assembly and modifications will be included.

"Rey Gun" Blaster Kit

This kit comes unpainted


Helmet Decals for X wing pilots

Vinyl cut decal sets for X wing pilot helmet. Most pilots have a unique design as well as mixing and matching some of the same designs shown here. You have the option then to get however many of each design you want. Note: Other colors may be available upon request.
Alliance Emblem set

Get two emblems in either Red or Blue.

Wing emblem set

Set of two

Stripes Emblem set

Set of two

V - Dot Emblem set

These are a two piece image. The "V" goes over the colored circle. Choose between Red or Yellow circles. Set of two.

Rogue  Blaster Kit

This kit comes unpainted

Food Capsules

Set of 4 cast resin capsules. Comes unpainted.

SE-14 Blaster kit

This large blaster kit comes unpainted and unassembled. Includes one scope. Additional scopes available below.

SE-14 Scope

Some versions of the SE-14 have additional scopes. You may have to modify the mounts depending on how you want to configure them.

Skiff  Blaster Kit

Molded from a real target pistol. This kit comes unpainted in 4 pieces.

Resistance Blaster Kit

This kit comes unpainted