Wood Swords
Blue Exorcist: Katana

Both sword and sheath are made of wood with plastic details.
Princess Monoke

This sword belonged to the character Ashitaka. Wood sheath.
Bleach:   Renji's Zabimaru Sword

Measures approximately 4 feet long. Features woven string style handgrip and detail carved on hand guard.

Measures 4 feet long. Features cloth wrapped handgrip.

Final Fantasy: Cloud's Buster Sword

This massive sword measures approximately 5 feet in length. Features leather wrapped handgrip.
Kingdom Hearts: Keyblade

Made of wood with aluminum chain end.
Inuyasha: Tessaiga Sword

Measures approximately 4 feet long and features a canvas wrapped handgrip.
Inuyasha: Banryu Sword

Measures an enormous 6 feet long (3 foot blade). Features a canvas wrapped handgrip.
Naruto: Zabuza's Sword

Measure approximately 4.5 feet long and features a partial leather wrapped handgrip.
Berserk: Dragonslayer Sword

This massive weapon is carried by the character, Guts, in the anime Berserk. With a leather wrapped grip, this sword measures nearly 6 feet long!
Le Chevalier D'Eon

From the anime, Le Chevalier D'Eon.
La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia: Sword and Sheath

This sword is from the anime/manga/game. Vinyl sheath.