Hanger Bay Lights (set of 4)

These floor lights will help your ground crew see what they're doing while preparing your ships for battle! Includes decals for customizable options. Two styles to chose from.

Cantina Chairs

These solid cast resin chairs are perfect for your 3 3/4" diorama. Unpainted. Available individually or in sets of 8. Click here to find Cantina Chairs in 6" scale!

$4 each

(set of 8)
Pocket Door

Measures  approximately 4.75" high and 2.75" wide. Includes decal for door switch and warning sign.

Spaceport Door

Measures approximately 4.75" high and 2.75" wide. Click here to find the spaceport door in 6" figure scale!

Cube Crates

Set of 4 crates. Measure approximately 1.125" square

$8 (set of 4)
Command Console

Module design allows you to mount (glue) up to 8 panels into the base. A decal set and instructions are provided.

$25   (5 panels)

$35   (8 panels)
Android Detector

For when you don't want those pesky robots sneaking into your bar. Measures 1.625" wide by 2.375" high. Includes two decals.

Ammo Crates

Set of 4 crates. Measure approximately .75" on sides.

$5 (set of 4)
Troop Transport

Need some troops moved around? Maybe cargo? Then this is the perfect vehicle for you! Measuring approximately 4 by 7 inches, this kit comes in four unpainted resin pieces, an antennae, and decal sheet. It can hold 3 to 4 figures (sitting). Remove the rear bench seat and there's room for more figures or cargo.

Tons of options. Load it up with troops, robots, or even some of our cube crates!
Android Rack

Not every robot's owner is a nice one, so you better do your job well. If you have the wrong kind of master, you may find yourself  disintegrated on a cruel device like the  torture rack!This kit comes in four unpainted pieces. When assembled, it measures approximately 6" wide by 6" tall. This diorama piece was not made to fit a specific action figure, so you will have to decide how best to display it. You may have to modify a figure for best results.

K Rails / Jersey Barriers

K Rails or Jersey Barriers, are the name for the sectional concrete dividers used on highways, to block roads, etc. Use as a barrier to guard against unwanted assault from vehicles. Each measures about 4" long by 2" tall.

$12  (set of 2)
Traction Plates

These plates are used to prevent losing footing in muddy, wet, and other slick environments. Raised areas have gritty texture detail. Plates measure roughly 1 3/8" by 2 3/4".

$6  (set of 4)
Large Computer Console

These beefy computer consoles have engraved detail on front and sides. Choose between a monitor offset to the left or right. They come cast in grey. Includes decals for 4 different consoles so you can mix and match for tons of options! Measures 2.25" wide x 2" deep x 4.75" tall.

$12  (each)
Robot Flipper

This five piece unpainted kit allows you to hold a boxy robot (not included) and flip it upside down. With very slight modifications you can add onto it with existing figure accessories (not sold with kit). Please contact us if you are unsure that it will work with your figures. Includes assembly instructions.

Ball Speeder

Measures approximately 4.5 inches diameter. It comes as an unpainted 12 piece easy to assemble kit. Features a removable top with pilot seat inside for one figure. Also a small recess made to fit one of our ammo crates (sold separately). Includes decal sheet and instructions. (Does not include decals for stripes)

Starship Wall Panels

We have 3 different styles of free standing wall panels available. They can be coupled together to any length and order you wish. Each panel comes with a set of "boxes" for the wall. You can choose however many boxes you wish to attach to the wall. Decals are provided for detail in the recessed areas. The side-column panels measure approximately 5.5" high by 3.25" wide and the center-column panel 5.5" high by 5.5" wide. Decals included.

$25  $15 center column
$20  $10
left or right column
Right Column
Left Column
Center Column
Generator Boxes (set of 2)

Get things powered up with some generators. Whether at home or at the spaceport. Each measures approximately 2" across.

Cantina Tables

These solid cast resin tables are perfect for your 3 3/4" diorama. Unpainted. Available individually or in sets of 4. Click here to find Cantina Tables in 6" scale!


(set of 4)
Cantina Stools

These solid cast resin stools come in 2 pieces. Available individually or in sets of 4.


(set of 4)
Tech Chairs

These resin cast chairs come in 3 pieces. Available individually or in sets of 4.


(set of 4)
Starship Door

Measures approximately 3.25 x 4.25".


This archway matches the height of our other wall panels and 7.5" wide. It is 1/4" thick and not free standing.

Cube Crates II

Set of 4 crates. Measure approximately 1.125" square

$8 (set of 4)
Ridged Boxes

Set of 4. Measure 1.25"x.75"x.375.

$6 (set of 4)

Kit comes in three unpainted pieces. Measures approximately 2.75" tall.

Vent Tube

Measures approximately 6" high.


Our selection of ladders are designed for use with a variety of space craft though they may work for other vehicles or diorama applications as well. Each design is 3D printed resin as one piece. Choose "Style" then change quantity in the cart.

$10 (each)
Style "straight"
Style "X Legacy"
Style "Y&A"
Command Center

The ultimate command center made of seven wedge shaped consoles (pic incorrectly shows eight) Comes unpainted with decals, extra detail bits, and instructions. A little bit too "ultimate" for you and need a little less? Then you can purchase just the left or right sides.

$70 (all 7 consoles)

$30  (3 Left consoles)

$40  (4 Right consoles)
Light Bulb Bot

Kit Comes in four unpainted pieces and is approximately the same size as the Stove-Bot. Two different versions are available. The standard version or with a separately clear cast bulb.

$10   (standard)
(clear dome)
Hammerhead Bot

Kit comes in four unpainted pieces. Stands 2.5" tall.

Cantina Distillery

This large kit measures 11 inches long and comes with 26 pieces!  For those needing with smaller dioramas in mind, you can purchase one half of the kit. Comes unpainted and unassembled.

$70  (full kit)
$90  (w/ piping)

$35   (half kit)
$45   (w/ piping)
War Table

Monitor the status of the battle!  Measures 7" across. Comes in two unpainted pieces and includes decals.

Bar Counters

Designed to work with the shape of the distillery, you can get a half round counter or two straight sections. You will want to get two sets of the straights to go the full length of the distillery. The counters come in two pieces consisting of the base and counter top. The curve measures almost 8" across and the straights are 5" long.

$25  Curved Counter

$12   Straight Counters (set of 2)
x1 curved x4 straights shown with full distillery
Dungeon Door (solid)

Measures 2.375" x 4.25" and features a small window.

Dungeon Door (grate)

Measures 2.375" x 4.25" and features grating.

Dungeon Door (chute)

Measures approximately 3" x 4"

Large Dungeon Door

For when you need to keep the really big monsters separate from the food...err...I mean people. Measures approximately 12" wide and 3.5" high (not including spikes). Designed to simulate a raised (open) position.

Supreme Leader Throne

This two piece kit measures approximately 5" wide, 5" tall, and 3" deep (including the front "step")

Emperor Throne

This three piece kit measures approximately 3.25" wide, 3.75" tall.


Kit comes in three unpainted  pieces. Measures approximately 2.25" high.

Click here to find Cube Crates, Ridged Boxes, Ammo Crates, and Barrels in 6" figure scale.
Garbage Masher Door

Measures approximately
2" x 3"

Conference Table

This three piece kit measures a whopping 10" in diameter with seating for 12. Includes decals.


Set of 4. Measure just over 1" x 2"

$10 (set of 4)
Conference Room Chairs (individuals)

Chose either standard or "boss chair".

Conference Room Chairs (complete set)

Get 11 chairs plus 1 "boss chair" for a complete set of chairs to compliment the conference table. Find individual chairs below.

Conference Room Chairs (set of 4)

Each chair comes in two pieces.

All our diorama pieces come in kit form, meaning they are unassembled or painted. Some also come with a decal sheet. Fear not if this is your first time putting a kit together. They are not overly difficult and part of the fun is in the building!  Figures shown are for example and demonstration purposes only and are the trademarks of their respective owners. They are not included with the products.

This page is contains diorama parts and kits for 3.75" action figures. Parts for 6" figures and other scales can be found here.
Detention Center Archway

This archway measures approximately 6" high and 8.5" wide. It is 1" thick and free standing. Included are little cones which glue to the inside of the arch as well as two wall sensors.

Detention Center Lobby Parts

There are multiple parts available to make a Detention Center Lobby. Please take note of what parts are or are not included. NOTE: The stairs and command console are sold as a separate kits. Console is found under "computers" section. Scroll down to find individual components.
Detention Center Door

This door is meant to be glued to the back of the archway

Detention Center Cameras

These cameras are meant to be mounted to the ceiling. Your choice how you want to achieve the desired look. Comes as a set of 3.

Detention Center Wall Sensors

These sensors mount to the walls on the archway or wherever else your dioramas need surveillance. Comes as a set of 6.

Detention Center Wall Wedges

Use these wedges to glue together archways at the proper angle.

Detention Center Complete Set

Almost everything needed to make your detention center lobby. Includes 3 archways with sensor cones, 2 doors, 3 cameras, 6 wall sensors, and 4 wall wedges. Buying the complete kit saves $5 off the total individual prices!

Vintage Kenner R2 center foot

Want a new addition to your vintage Kenner R2?  Then try out this center foot!  Note: different R2 figures had different hole sizes from different molds. This was made to accommodate the larger and may require sanding the foot's plug to fit as snug or loose as you want.

Large Crate

Measures approximately 1.25" x 2.25"

Hanger Bay Bot

Kit comes in four unpainted pieces. Approximately 2.75" long and 2.5" high.

Cargo Hauler (includes stand)

Robot operated cargo hauler. Comes as a ten piece, easy to assemble, unpainted kit. Sides are removable for customizable options. (Does not include cargo boxes or figures)

(note: pic incorrectly shows 8 sections)
Cube Crates (slotted)

Set of 4 crates. Measure approximately 1.125" square

$8 (set of 4)
H1 War Table

This war table measures 7-8" across. Comes in four unpainted pieces and includes decals. Features incredible detail!

Throne Room Consoles

These kits are sold individually (not in pairs) so keep this in mind when selecting your quantities. They do not include the columns they suspend or sit on. 1" pvc tubes are the ideal size for those parts. The upper consoles are 9 pieces and the lower consoles are 2 pieces. Both come with decals.
Upper Console  $30

Lower Console  $10
Basic Wall Panels

These panels measure 6" x 2.25" and are solid resin. A little over .25' thick they can stand freely but additional support may be desired. Although cast in grey, due to the variation in resin dye, the shade will vary and its recommended to paint them for uniformity. The "light strip" panel gives an option to either paint the light slots or purchase decals the apply instead.

$5 (each)
Panel A
Panel B
Panel (light)

This kit is 27 resin parts and 2 railing pieces 3D printed in resin. It is more complex than most kits and will require removal of support structures on the railings (not shown in pics). Includes instructions to walk you through the build. Measures approximately 13" wide by 7.5" high and 4" wide.

Void Speeder

Is it a speeder? A walker? A mechanical spider? Who knows? The Void Speeder is a 22 piece resin kit. The dome is removable and you can place a figure inside but there is no interior. (note: separate interior and/or exterior ladder kits may be made available if there's enough demand.)

Blast Doors

The blast door frame measures 6" x 9" and is solid resin. They work with our Battle Station walls. You can purchase in three different forms.

- Just the one door frame
- Both frames w/ top and bottom track
- Frames, tracks, and doors

The doors are 10 precision cut pieces of white styrene that need assembled.
- $12   Single Door Frame

- $30  
Both Frames and Tracks

- $65  
Complete Set
Tall Gonk

Kit comes in four unpainted pieces. Approximately 2.75" high. Does not include wires.

MSE "train cars"

Six pieces make up this set of three "train cars" that were sometimes spotted being pulled behind another robot. Set ONLY includes the train cars, not the figure.

Cups Set

This 25 piece set includes bottles, cups, and dishes perfect for 3 3/4" scaled figures. They are 3D printed in resin

Command Console Greeblies

Spruce up the detail on your consoles with these add-on detail parts.

Detention Center Stairs

Give some added depth to your detention center lobby with this stair kit. This kit comes in 11 easy to assemble pieces.

Assembled arch and door
Admin Bot

Kit comes in four unpainted pieces. Does not include wires! Measures approximately 3.125" high.

Chasm Doorway

This doorway measures 6" x 4.5" and is solid resin. Approximately 1.25' thick, it can stand freely but additional support may be desired. Comes with 3 decal variations for the control panel. The light slots can be purchased as a separate vinyl decal option and is HIGHLY recommended.

Chasm Door

Measures approximately 5.25" high by 4.5" wide.

Escape Hatch

Measuring approximately 5" high by 4.75" wide, this hatch is made or go behind the archway or as a standalone part.

Panel Types
Tandem Gonk

What's better than a Gonk? TWO Gonks in one! Approximately 2.5" tall by 3" long. Comes in 7 pieces and includes wire without ridges. To get this effect, check out the tutorial.

Power Box

Measures approximately 1.75" x 1.25"

Laser Sled

The Laser Sled is an 8 piece unpainted kit and measures approximately 7.75" long, 3.5" wide. Includes instructions and one decal. With the addition of a screw as a pivot, the turret and seat can rotate.

Lars Speeder

A 14 piece kit that measures approximately 1' long and 6" wide. Features a removable canopy which can hold a figure, removable top panel to stand a figure, removable panel in back with engine detail underneath, and a removable generator where a robot or additional figures can stand. (note: separate interior kits may be made available if there's enough demand.)

Rebel Crate

Hollow with removable lid. Measures approximately 2" x 2" x 2.125"

Triple Console

4 piece kit includes decals. Curved bracket made to fit on PVC tube.


Measures approximately 1.5" x 1.75" x 2.5"

Fuel Pod

Gas up at your docking bay with this fuel pod. Measures 2.25" x 3.5" x 1.5"

Docking Bay Lights (set of 4)

These floor lights will help you land your ship safe and sound. Two styles to chose from. Solid or clear translucent "bulbs" (clear shown)

$8    unpainted domes
$10  clear domes
Clear Stand

Prefer a clear stand versus cast in color? You can buy one separately here. Note that it is not actually completely transparent. Differences shown to right.

Speeder Bike Stand (Rebels)

Imperial Desk

A commander's big ego needs a big desk!  This three piece kit measures 8.25" wide. Includes decals.

ISD Half Bridge Playset Kit

Our largest kit to date, this ISD Bridge measures approximately 26" x 18.5" and features side alcove, crew pit, 6 large computers, 6 small computers, and 8 chairs. The kit comes in almost 100 unpainted pieces and includes instructions and decals. Please note that this item may have a long lead time and you should place this order separately from any other items. We will have the  central 5 windows as backdrop components available separately in the future.

$399   ISD half bridge kit
$780   ISD full bridge kit  (see bottom of page)

Please contact us for details.
Full ISD bridge kit

The full kit includes 12 large computers, 12 small computers, 16 chairs, and inner wall details for the crew pit on both sides.

$780   ISD full bridge kit  (see below)

Please contact us for details.
Swoop Bike Stand

Tired of your ride being grounded?
Get a stand to get back in the air! Cast in clear resin.
ISD Window Wall

This wall measures 9.75" wide, 6" high, and .75" deep. This is the same wall used on the outside of the ISD Bridge alcove.

Modular Barricades

Customize the layout of these barricades to suit your needs. Each set comes with 4 bases, 2 angled bases, and 4 walls. A simple tab/slot assembly means you don't need to glue anything together and you can change the layout however you want. If you buy four sets, you can make a full octagon!

Large Viewscreen

Measures approximately 6" high by 9" wide. Includes decals for different display options

Chasm Thingy

I had to "grapple" with what to call this... Thing. Measures 3.25' high and 2.75" wide. Comes in two pieces. Bottom end can fit over 3/4" PVC tube.

Shield Generator

You can purchase one or multiple shield disc units to suit your needs. 6.25" deep x 3.5" high. Approximate width varies.

$25    1 unit - 4.5" wide

$50    2 units - 8.75" wide

$75    3 units - 14" wide

$90    4 units - 19.25" wide
Wall Mounted Computers  (set of 2)

Comes unpainted. Includes decals. Measure approximately 1.5" wide x 1.25" high.

Organ "Add-on"

This free standing "add-on" component adds detail to either vintage or modern Rebo Organs. No need to modify the original models.

Tutorial found here.
Tutorial found here.
Tutorial found here.
Tutorial found here.
Tutorial found here
Tutorial found here
Curved Wall Panel

Measures 6" x 2.25" and are solid resin. A little over 1.375" thick they can stand freely. Although cast in grey, due to the variation in resin dye, the shade will vary and its recommended to paint them for uniformity.

Elevator Entryway and Door

Measure 6" x 6.75" wide. Cast in grey, due to the variation in resin dye, the shade will vary and its recommended to paint them for uniformity. Includes decal. Can be purchased with or without  the door.

$25 - 30
Chasm Bridge Stub

Measures approximately 1.5" high by 4.5" wide.

Short Wall Panel

If you are using the Bridge Stub you will also need a way to even out the height of the battle station wall panels to each side. Use this short panel either on top or bottom of the standard height panels. Measures approximately 1.5" high by 2.25" wide.

Goblet set

Set of 10 goblets

Crawler Expansion kit

Turn your TIE fighter into a tank!  Features side laser cannons and slide open doors for troops or cargo storage. This kit does NOT include the cockpit. Just pop the wings off you TIE fighter and attach the treads. NOTE: This was made using the Vintage Collection TIE cockpit mold. While many versions used the same basic mechanics, you may still have to make some adjustments.

Rebel Agent Starship

At 20" long, this is our largest full vehicle kit. Features include removable canopy with clear window parts, cockpit with seating for two, removable rear top panel with plenty of cargo room, and belly gun. Kit includes decals and directions.


cannon swivel advanced tutorial here
Tractor Beam Generator kit

This kit comes in 8 pieces and does NOT include the platform. Includes decals

Tractor Beam Generator Platform

This kit comes in 2 pieces. The stand is designed to slip fit over 3" PVC pipe so you can adjust how far off the ground you may want your platform.

Y-wing front replacement cannons

Missing the front cannons on your Y-wing? Get these replacements that simply push in place. Note these are unique models, not exact replicas of the original part.

Checkpoint with laser gate

Sometimes you need to check to see who's coming and going. Set up this checkpoint with laser gate and keep the riff raff out. This 15 piece kit measures approximately 6x6x7 inches (minus laser gate). Includes door pad decal.

Shadow Viper Attack Ship

At approximately 15" wide and 26" tall with wings fully deployed, this is our largest vehicle kit as well as heaviest. Features include movable wings, removable canopy with pilot area, removable top cover for access to passenger compartment, clear window parts,and stand that can be used for either wing configuration. Over 70 pieces!  Kit includes directions.

Cockpit has standing area for pilot and removable top panel allows access for one passenger in back.
The design of the Shadow Viper allows room for installation of LEDs if you want to go the extra mile! Light kits are NOT included.
Check out the video here.
Jabba replacement torso

The Walmart exclusive Jabba in "Shadows of the Dark Side" packaging had its torso made from a rubbery material that is now breaking down. One day it will be gone. With a little bit of work and paint, you can replace the torso with this resin cast piece molded from the original.


Get this set of 2 holocrons. Knowledge is power!

Tutorial found here.
Phone Booth Time Machine

Easy to assemble 8 piece kit with plenty of room to install lights (not included). Front door split in two halves so you can choose between open and closed. This is a limited item and may be discontinued at any time!

Paint Tutorial found here

This small one man starfighter is good for almost any adventure. Comes in an easy to assemble unpainted kit. It will include a  decal for the control panel. All other decals shown here are just for example. And of course, there is no figure included. Great for if you need a squadron but don't have a lot of space.

Tables and Chairs
Crates and Barrels
Bar and Distillery
Gantries and Ladders
Mini Walker

Supplement your ground troops with this small one man walker that features adjustable legs and nose gun and removable door panels. Comes as an unassembled and unpainted kit. Measures approximately 8" tall 8" long and 5" wide when assembled. Includes instructions. Does NOT include figure.

Environments and Playsets
H1 Door and Frame

Measures approximately 2.5" x 4.5" x .625" deep. Buy just the frame or frame with door

Element Stones

measuring approximately .75" tall, these elemental stones are cast resin. Can the 5th be found?

H1 Computer Console

2 piece kit. Measures approximately 1.25 x 1.25". These consoles are designed to sit over the edge of a step in the Home One briefing room. There are six around the room.

$4 (each)
Landspeeder Engine detail add-on

Spruce up your vintage Kenner, POTF2 or custom Landspeeder with this engine detail. Simply drop in place.

TIE docking rack

Got some TIEs just hanging around? Do it in style with this TIE rack. Mounts underneath shelves or ceilings with just four screws. The ladder hangs from a set of hooks and can easily be removed for launch! Beams can can swapped out with just four small bolts. Hardware not included.

Two options allow it to work with both small and large wing fighters. Will work with Kenner, POTF2, Legacy, and TVC cockpit molds. New designs to accommodate other TIE versions will depend on demand.


normal and clear stands
Mobile Command Post

Monitor the battle with the Mobile Command Post!  When assembled, this 24 piece kit measures approximately 10" long, 8" wide and 9.5" tall. It features two fold down ramps and 2 rifle racks that hold 3 rifles each. With the addition of a screw, the radar can rotate. Includes decals.

Please note that these items are going to be discountinued soon.
Barrel Rack

Six easy to assemble pieces. Able to hold 6 barrels. Barrels NOT included.


There are several options you can have so read carefully and feel free to ask any questions you may have. You can get 4 versions of the homestead. A full width or partial width facade without any real depth. This is useful if you have limited shelf space and just need a backdrop. Finished dimensions are as follows:

Full width facade        7" high x 16" wide x 2.5" deep          22 piece kit
Partial width facade    7" high x 12" wide x 2.5" deep          20 piece kit

This is what the finished pictures show. If you want more depth with your diorama, you can purchase additional walls and columns so that the building has sides to it. These additional walls add 4" of depth to the building.

The homestead windows include optional shutters that can be held in place with tape or glued. Our Spaceport door looks great with the Homestead and can be purchased separately.

Because of all the variations in building dimensions the roof will not be cast like most parts but will be a piece of plywood cut to  the dimensions of building you purchase.

$75 full width
$50 partial width

$15 add on walls
Full Width Facade
Patrial Width Facade
Spaceport door (sold separately)
Additional walls add depth. If you order additional walls, roof will be cut to match depth.
Drink Cart

A 6 piece kit, this cart is perfect for any cantina and can even make a good mechanic's tool cart. (cups sold separately)

Tactical Screen (small)

6 piece kit. Measures approximately 4 x 4". Comes with clear decal design of your choice.

$14 (each)
Tactical Screen (large)

4 piece kit. Measures approximately 5.625 x 4". Comes with clear decal design of your choice.

$14 (each)
Decal Style
Decal Style

Sometimes you just need some... well... stuff to add a little more detail to your dioramas. Then get this greeblie pack of 19 small parts to do just that. The largest piece is approximately 1.5" sqaure

Battle Station wall controls

Each detailed control panel measures .625" x 1".
Comes as a set of 6.

Conference Room Wall Panel

Measures 6" x 2.25" and solid resin. At .625" thick they can stand freely. They have angles on either side so when placed side by side they will make a curve. Eleven of them will create a conference room backdrop that will work with the large conference table found under "tables and chairs"

Battle Station Walls
Oil Bath Unit

Are your robots getting a bit rusty? Get them cleaned up with this industry oil bath unit. This 8 piece easy to assemble kit includes decals.


Easy to assemble 4 piece kit. Does not include figure or tools. Plenty of room to place LEDs inside the center.

Carbonite Block frames

If you ever wanted to create your own characters frozen in carbonite, here is a DIY solution!  Pick between two different sized frames. Includes decals for the control panels. We also may create our own customs that will be limited run items. The inner dimensions of the small frame is 1.625" wide by 4" high and the large frame 2" wide by 4.5" high.

Carbonite Block Stand

This stand will work with either size carbonite frame. A great way to display your chilled trophies.

Carbonite Block LIMTED RUN Customs

These customs are limited and will likely be discontinued after a short run. Other limited run customs may show up as well.

$14   Clawed Hero custom

$14   Alien Hunter custom
Battlestation Gantry

This kit is 25 resin parts. Includes instructions to walk you through the build. Measures approximately 13" wide by 8.55" high and 4.25" wide. No hanger bay diorama is complete without this!

Bomb Crate

2 pieces. Measures approximately 2.5" x 2.5" x 2.75"

Recharger Unit

Never know when you'll need one!
Measures approimately 1.5" x 2" x 1.5". Comes in 5 pieces.

Gantry Lights Add-On kit

This 8 piece add on kit will work for either gantry as well as other diorama uses.

Maintenance Console

Often found in sets of four, these maintenance consoles keep your speeders running in top shape. Comes in two pieces keeping it hollow and lightweight. Measures 2" wide1.5" deep 4.5" high.

Ghost Traps

Set of 2 traps. One opened and one closed. Includes decals.

Battle Station Plans on hard drive

Perfect for when you need to take that important information on the run. Includes decals.