Vampire Hunter Kit

An original design from Hole in the Ground Productions. The Vampire Hunter kit measures approximately 12" x 13" x 6". The case itself is made of hand stained wood to give it an antique appearance. It features an interesting folding design using antique colored brass hinges and has a genuine leather shoulder strap and straps to lock it shut.

On the inside, you get several tools. On one side you have four wooden stakes, along with instructions and information on how to kill a vampire and other useful facts. The other side contains a crucifix, a mirror, and a wooden mallet for when you really need to drive home the point...on a stake! In the middle you have 5 glass vials. One filled with garlic, one with salt, and the other three holy water. When your kit is being moved, all your tools stay in place with genuine leather straps.

Out of Production
Retro Ray Gun

Comes as an unpainted single piece cast resin kit.

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