You can either commission items or purchase them through our shopping cart if that option is available.

Purchase prices are shown with the corresponding item for sale. This price does not include shipping costs. The shopping cart will calculate your shipping costs (based on total weight of order) if you use it.  Please note that Pennsylvania residents must also pay a 6% sales tax

We accept payment through Paypal, Credit Card, money order, or cashier's check. Note:
However you pay, make sure to include your correct shipping and billing address. This includes Payal orders through the shopping cart.

If there is an item that you are interested in and can't find it on our site, or for any further inquiries, just email us and ask.

Please keep in mind when commissioning or ordering an item that we will usually have several other orders underway for other customers as well. We try to get all orders filled as quickly as possible or by their required deadlines so please be patient when placing an order. We are not a fly-by-night company and your order will not be forgotten.

Refund and Return Policy
Any returns or refunds are offered solely at the discretion of Hole in the Ground Productions. We are not responsible for damage occurring during shipment. If you would like insurance added to shipping, we'll be happy to do so.