This "teleporter" prop was constructed for a commercial being shot for a local business. The set piece has column lights that are independently adjustable (top and bottom) for intensity and a motion effect. Also, there is ductwork and two vents to add smoke effects out the floor at the front sides. Measuring roughly 5 feet wide by 8 feet tall, wheels and handles were installed so it could be rolled around. Also, it has a "bolt together" design. So it can be dismantled for storage and put back together with minimum difficulty. Check out the demo here.
image of moon base one console
These consoles were built for the Federation of Galaxy Explorers, a non-profit organization that seeks to inspire and educate kids in space related science and engineering. These particular consoles were produced for their Moon Base One camp. The large consoles house four computers, monitors, and keyboards. It features locking wheels, exhaust fans, and light up "map", and separates in half for transport. The smaller (communications) console houses one computer and monitor. The round hole at the top right houses a web-cam. Find out more about the Federation of Galaxy Explorers at
   Federation of Galaxy Explorers, returned to us to have these wall panels constructed for their camps. These panels are 4 foot by 4 foot and are used to "dress up" an area. They can be rested on a table or desktop against a wall to simulate the interior of a moon base, space station, etc. They feature some interactive elements such as switches that control different LEDS and each panel contains a small monitor.
This was a set built by Hole in the Ground Productions for the fan film, Guardians of Peace.
    Do you need a large Halloween prop, set piece, or maybe even the cockpit of a starship? Hole in the Ground can take care of your set design needs for stage or film. We can make just about anything from small to large, detailed or simple. Maybe you're going to be tackling your own sets and and just need designs or plans. Well, we can help you there too!