Table and Chair set



$14 each
Spaceport Door

Measures approximately 4" wide by 7" high.

Battle Station Surface Panels

Great for use as a backdrop or even display stand area for models, these panels are 6" square and can be arranged however you wish. Panel D comes in two pieces. This is a sub-line of products (distributed but not created by HITG)

$12 (A,B,C)
$14 (D)

$48 (set of 4)
Flooring Options
Flooring Options
Panel  A
Panel  A
Panel  C
Panel  D
Panel  B
Android Detector

Measures approximately 2.25" wide by 3.5" high. Includes two decals.

Cube Crates

Measures approximately 1.75" each side.

$20  (set of 4)
Ammo Crates

Measures approximately 1.25"

$10  (set of 4)
Ridged Boxes

Measures 2" at longest side.

$10  (set of 4)
All our diorama pieces come in kit form, meaning they are unassembled or painted. Some also come with a decal sheet. Fear not if this is your first time putting a kit together. They are not overly difficult and part of the fun is in the building!  Figures shown are for example and demonstration purposes only and are the trademarks of their respective owners. They are not included with the products.

This page contains kits for 6" figures and other larger scales. For 3.75" figure scale diorama parts, click here.

Measures approximately 3.25" tall

$15  (set of 2)