Proton Pack

The Proton Pack comes complete with light up Particle Thrower (the "gun") and features blue scrolling lights and red rotating lights. Features amplifier with volume control. The pack ships in a large tote perfect for transporting or storage. Check out our FAQs page for more information.

Click here for video demo video of the lights and sounds!

Proton Pack & Thrower
(w/ lights).............................. $1920

Proton Pack & Thrower
(w/ lights & sound)................. $2055

Due to the higher price tag, we accept a non-refundable deposit of $500 to begin construction. The remaining balance (including shipping cost) is not due until its ready to ship.

NOTE: The Proton Pack takes some time to construct. If ordering for a convention or Halloween, please order with plenty of time in advance.
Particle Thrower

You can also purchase the Particle Thrower separately with either static (on or off) lights or the Jupiter light kit (pictured at right) with blinking and scrolling lights and ability to connect to a Jupiter setup in the pack. Does not include sound if purchased by itself.

Particle Thrower
(w/ static lights)...................$240

Particle Thrower
(w/ Jupiter light kit)..............$310
We carry a large number of cast resin parts for the Proton Pack and the Particle Thrower. Scroll down to find "combo sets".
Particle Thrower Trigger/Collar combo

Trigger shaped part that attachs to the clear barrel of the Particle Thrower. Comes cast with the collar that fits around the clear barrel. Measures 7/8" inner diameter.

Particle Thrower Control Blocks

Mounted in front and back of Particle Thrower forward handgrip

Particle Thrower Handgrip set

Set of two

Booster Bracket

Mounted to the vertical tube or "booster" on the proton pack

Clippard Valve

This valve appears on both the proton pack itself and the particle thrower.
Change quantity in shopping cart

$8 (each)
Particle Thrower Bracket

This piece attaches to the bottom of the particle thrower.

Dale Resistor Set

Includes all three resistors that attach to the proton pack's "ion arm"

Crank Knob

This crank knob attaches to the "crank generator". The real ones are expensive. Why not settle for a decent resin replica?

Particle Thrower Knob Set

This set includes all seven knobs required for the particle thrower.

Particle Thrower Heat Sink

This is the heat sink that goes on the side of the particle thrower.

Legris Elbows Set

Set of 3 resin Legris elbows for the proton pack.

Ribbon Cable Hold Downs

These plates clamp down the rainbow colored ribbon cable on the proton pack. Set of 2

Complete Pack AND Thrower Parts Set

Get all the resin parts above and save $10!

Booster Plug

This piece goes inside the top of the pack's booster

Bumper Spring

This part mounts on top of the large "bumper" that surrounds the cyclotron.

Ion Arm end cap

This block mounts on the end of the ion arm. It has been marked with drill points for the mounting screws, brass rods, and elbow fitting.

Particle Thrower front tube

This piece mounts to the side of the forward handgrip.

Particle Thrower Trigger Box

The box that hangs to the side of the handle with power switch and firing switches. Cast hollow for the elcetronics.

Particle Thrower Rear Block

Mounted at the rear of the thrower which contains a red LED and brass nipple. Marked for drill points and cast with a access area for the LED to be wired.

Particle Thrower Rear Tube

Mounted under the Rear Block.

Complete Proton Pack
Parts Set

Get all the resin parts needed for the Proton Pack (only)

Complete Particle Thrower
Parts Set

Get all the resin parts needed for the Particle Thrower (only)

Particle Thrower Gun Box

The main box for the Particle Thrower. Holes for vents, readout, front and rear handles only require minor work to cut out.  Centers marked for drilling many other part locations. Includes aluminum cover plate for bottom!

Ribbon Cable

Get 28 inches of ribbon cable. Enough for one Proton Pack

"Dixie Cup" Bracket

This two piece bracket is used to mount the Particle Thrower to the proton pack. This is not the bracket used in the films, but it is considered an accepted alternative. And works better I think!

Large Stepped Disc

Useful if scratch building a pack shell, this resin part mounts under the Clippard on the proton pack.

Vac Hose Ring

Useful if scratch building a pack shell, this piece fits around a standard piece of 1" PVC pipe. It goes around the vac hose pipe at the top of the cyclotron.


Theis part goes down and to the right of the booster bracket.

Cyclotron lid and N Filter

Hollow cast resin, the lid and filter are one piece.

Proton Pack Bumper

Measures 12" inside between the "arms". A key part in any pack build!

PVC caps

These caps are used to plug the ends of the Injector tubes and Filler tubes. You can then drill in your holes as needed. Set of 4.

Colored Vinyl Hosing

Colored vinyl hosing for pack and thrower.  Sold by the foot. Specify total feet needed by adjusting quantity in shopping cart. Example: quantity "3" would be 3 feet. Hose will then come in uncut 3 foot length.
1/4" Green Hose

approx 1 foot required per thrower

$1.50 per foot
5/32" Red Hose

approx 3 foot required per pack and thrower

$1.50 per foot
1/4" Blue Hose

approx 3 foot required per pack

$1.50 per foot
1/4" Red Hose

approx 1 foot required per pack

$1.50 per foot
5/32" Yellow Hose

approx 6" required per pack

$0.75 per 6"
1/4" Split Wire Loom

Comes in a 16" long section.

3/4" Non-Split Wire Loom

Much better than the split loom you'll find at the brick and mortar stores! Comes in a 5 foot long piece.

Additional Resin Parts
Life Gard Device

As seen in the second film, these devices were worn on your belt. Cast from the real device, this replica is made of rigid urethane foam resin so it weighs almost nothing. We cast it in yellow put you should still paint it to look authentic.

Proton Pack Lense Set

Lenses for the red cyclotron lights and the blue power cell lights.

Ion Arm

Cast in a rigid foam resin, our Ion Arm is much lighter than ones cast in normal resin. Shave some weight off your pack.

HGA End Cap

This piece "caps" the end of the HGA if the HGA is made from a PVC tube. Marked for drill points.

Straight Hose Fittings

Cast in resin. Replicating the original straight brass fittings which are no longer produced. Drill out to accommodate 5/32 hose.

5/8" Insulated Clamp

This clamp is used to secure the ribbon cable over the Booster Bracket. Also can be used to mount the mother board to the Alice Frame.

Banjo Fittings

Resin cast "banjo" fittings. These attach together with a section of hose and mount to the tip of the particle thrower.

Resin Parts
Misc. Non Resin Parts